26 November 2012

Jiro dreams of sushi

When I first read Daniel Pink's blog post: The best 82-minute movie on mastery I’ve ever seen I knew I had to see the documentary Jiro dreams of sushi and that I would love it. Now I've finally done that and, despite having sky high expectations, it blew me away!

What is it about?
It's 82 minutes of watching the 85 year-old restaurant owner and sushi master Jiro, and his crew, express their passion for sushi. That's it! How can that blow my mind you might ask and if you know me really well you could add: You don't even like sushi!

What is it really about?
Let's zoom out. This is a documentary about passion, the actual craft is pretty much irrelevant apart from how the people in the documentary treat it (if you love sushi you would probably get another dimension that I don't really get though). Jiro and his crew shows this by just expressing their genuine passion and devotion. They talk about how they reason and what they prioritize, about harmony and challenges, about their inner drives and journeys. That's what it's really about.

Why should you watch it
What made this documentary amazing was how well it transferred the core feelings of passion on to me as a viewer. I love the feeling of having something just turn on an emotional switch inside of me and that's exactly what Jiro and his crew did. When I came back to work the day after seeing the documentary I felt even more engaged when i usually do, it was like the inner spark was just ever so slightly stronger that day (which made me slightly overexcited at times .) I'm definitely planning to see it a second time soon just to see if I can get the same feeling again... and again... and again (hmm, is it just me or am I starting to sound like a drug addict?).

This wasn't really... useful
Well apart from a film tips this wasn't really useful. However, a blog post about finding passion, based on this documentary, is on it's way. A link to it will be placed here when I'm done.

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