17 November 2013

Rules can't stop me!

I love this picture! I think it brilliantly illustrates an important creative skill testers need: the ability to see beyond and challenge existing rules.

... And it got me thinking; what other ways can I think of that would/could fool a genie. Here's a quick list, I would love to hear your creative solutions as well:

  • Wish for the ability to grant wishes
  • Wish for every lamp you touch to contain a genie
  • Wish that the genie will keep forgetting that it has already granted you a wish
  • Wish that the genie stopped having/followed rules (seems dangerous though!)
  • Wish that no wish you make counts towards the limit
  • Wish there would pop out a different genie every time you rubbed the lamp
  • Find out a way to express all your wishes as one wish
  • Wish there was a much higher limit than 3
  • Wish that 3 changed meaning to unlimited (consequences once again)
  • Wish "I want to change into a new but identical person" as your third and final wish
  • Wish the genie inscrutiating pain whenever he decides to decline you a wish.
  • Wish... now it's your turn!