02 October 2012

An interesting set of skills

Look at the following set of skill:

  • Ability to see unplanned ways of using a function
  • Ability to see beyond obvious functions and attack "passive parts" as if they were functions
  • Curious
  • Continuing even though something is "generally considered finished", to see what happens
  • Attacks any problem with an open mind
  • Doesn't assume a common function necessarily works as it's commonly expected
  • Won't give up just because something seems complicated or someone says it's impossible
  • Finds great pleasure in finding new unexpected behavior i products
  • Always have an idea about what to test next
  • Deliberately and constantly practicing presenting any achieved result and how it was achieved
  • Love to present ideas without demanding others to use them
  • Always willing to help
  • Creative
  • Systematically covering function after function and when "done" unfocusing, looking for any abstract/general functions that might have been overlooked when looking at the details.
Sounds like the description of a great tester doesn't it?

So who is it?

A random one year old kid I observed while waiting at the hospital of course.

Think we have stuff to learn from her?

I do!

Think we're born with a huge amount of testing skill?

I do!

So where did it all go wrong...?


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