My learning

This is not a guide on "how to learn" instead it's my current understanding of my own learning and by sharing that I hope you'll learn something new about your own learning as well.

I've tried to write each part as self-contained as possible but to avoid boring repetition some things might not make sense, or at least make less sense, if you've skipped a previous part.

Part 1 - Background 
The background to this post and to my learning. Useful mostly to understand various references later and can probably be ignored if you know me well already.

Part 2 - Me 
Some lessons learned about myself and how my personality affects my learning.

Part 3 - My strategy 
My process and some related ideas I use when I learn. All this will later be described in detail so consider this an overview of what's coming.

Part 4 - Learning modes
Focused vs distracted mode and how this impacts my approach when learning.

Part 5 - Note taking
How I take notes.

Part 6 - Sources
How I figure out which sources to use when trying to learn something.

Part 7 - My hourglass model
A model of how my resource selection changes depending on how far I've come in my development.

Part 8 - How I learn from people
Why people are the most important learning tool I have and how I find, interact and nurture the relationships I have with these people.

Part 9 - How I learn from books
I don't "read books", I extract valuable lessons from them...

Part 10 - How I learn from conferences
A conference is so much more than sitting on a chair listening...

Part 11 - How I learn from doing
I always know enough to start...

Part 12 - How I learn from experiments
Why I conduct experiments on myself and some examples of these.

Part 13 - How I learn from reflection
How I learn the stuff I already know.

Part 14 - How I learn from other sources
Blogs/articles, podcasts, courses, reflection sessions, teaching/blogging...

Part 15 - Motivation
How I stay motivated to learn.

Part 16 - Optimal conditions
How I find time, a good place to learn and other stuff that supports my learning.

Part 17 - Your learning
How can some of the things I've talked about be applied to you?

Part 18 - Reflections
What are the lessons learned from writing these blog posts?

There are plenty of ideas I describe as things "I've figured out" that are already well established and described concepts or even ideas superseded by new, better ideas. Once again it's all about my understanding of my own learning and I don't expect any of this to be new, but the unique composition and perspective it provides can still be valuable.


  1. I know you aren't quite done yet, but I just had to say that this is an awesome series. I think we learn in similar ways and to see you work through it like this has been a pleasure to follow along with!

    1. I appreciate the kind words David and I'm so happy you've found it inspiring and useful!