29 June 2015

Digital K-Cards

The page is taken down since I felt I didn't need a web server anymore.

If you want the code, drop a comment or contact me via Twitter / LinkedIn.

A few days ago I was still in the Alps with my colleagues at House of Test, mixing some recreation time with test discussions. During one of these discussions we had a lot of parallel tracks going on and the immediate question when people raised their hand was "is this on the current thread or is it a new one?" which took a lot of focus away from the topic. Some of us started improvising K-Cards. I used a background color app which cycled through a dozen different colors, Carsten had something similar and Ilari used two different glasses of beer.

After this discussion me and Lars Sj√∂dahl joked about creating a K-Card app. A few hours of programming later and the K-Card "app" was born (click anywhere on the card to change color):
K-Card example: http://brickarp.se/kcard/index.htm?text=5&image=http://brickarp.se/kcard/hot.png
K-Card information: http://brickarp.se/kcard/info.htm
K-Card setup form: http://brickarp.se/kcard/setup.htm
K-Card generator: http://brickarp.se/kcard/get_card.php

Main features:
  • Turns your phone (or similar) into a fullscreen K-card.
  • Card number, logo on the card and whether or not to include the rat hole card can be customised.
  • Can be used offline (no server components for the actual card).
  • A card generator created for e.g. conferences helps provide unique card numbers for all attendees.
If you have suggestions, questions or find bugs, leave a comment or contact me in any other way you prefer.

Finally: Thank you Andreas Cederholm, for spending a few moments to test the app!
Notice though: It's probably still quite buggy due to several changes after Andreas tested it.