17 August 2016

PSL alumni Slack group

Problem Solving Leadership is a quite different course in that the time in Albuquerque is just a start rather than the learning experience itself. For this reason a Slack group has been set up to facilitate learning between PSL graduates from different classes rather than just one class as at a time; which is normally the case.

How to join the Slack group
To be able to register you first need an invite (this is how Slack works). Use the following form and I'll send you an invite:

If you feel like it's taking too long; feel free to contact me via Skype (@brickuz).

Important! I cannot control that every single person joining has actually attended PSL but beware! Joining without having participated will:
  1. Likely hurt your own experience when/if you attend.
  2. Not provide you with very much since you don't have any knowledge about the simulations referred to.
If you're a graduate and like the initiative I would very much appreciate if you spread the knowledge about this group to other participants in your class or other PSL graduates you know.

If you want a very brief background to who else was involved in starting this group, check out this Twitter thread.

Finally: This group is in no way limited to software testers, I just happen to be a software tester and my most efficient way to reach out is via my blog.

Take care and remember to watch out for the sheriff...

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