• Test open source application and report result
  • Arrange or attend something similar to STWC
  • Practice coaching in another context than testing
  • Experiment with new ways to visualize what I do
  • Experiment with different was to coach and debrief
  • Experiment with different ways to self-organize myself
  • Pair up with a tester at my workplace
  • Have a focus week (e.g. security, SBTM or agile)
  • Build a testing tool


  • Book lunch with local testers
  • Transpection Tuesday retrospective with Helena
  • PSL retrospective with Helena
  • Attend a coaching, change management, management or developer conference
  • Get to Estonia to have a face-to-face sitting with Helena
  • Learn from others how they run debriefs
  • Attend an Agila Linköping meetup
  • Find other local meetups for competence areas relevant in my role but not being testing (e.g. toastmaster, agile, developer communities etc.)
  • Become more active on TestSverige,, Twitter and/or STC
  • Speak at EAST or ConTest
  • Book tester lunches in Linköping
  • Invite interesting people to the dinners I have with Göran Bakken
  • Co-arrange a conference at work
  • Create a developer community at work
  • Arrange the next SWET or local peer conference
  • Arrange a peer conference in a different field than testing (programming/development, agile, change, coaching)
  • Coach a new tester
  • Book a lunch with local enthusiasts in roles and areas related to mine, e.g. agile coaches
  • Catch up with old conference friends
  • Meet Stefan Jansson


  • Write a blog post or article
  • Write a blog post and make it fun to read (back to old style)

Read / watch

  • Learn more about performance testing and continuous *
  • Finish "Teaching from the back of the room"
  • Listen to testing podcasts
  • Book a conference room and work while watching a conference presentation with colleagues
  • Find blogs in areas that are not testing but relevant to my role
  • Watch conference presentations relevant to my role (not just testing)
  • Get highly regarded, local and international, speakers to my workplace
  • Start a book club at work
  • Learn more about busniess models, company economy and management


  • Send an abstract to Testbash, NTD or other testing conference
  • Send an abstract to a coaching, change management, management or developer conference
  • Create a free testing course for beginners (Linköping, Malmö or Web)
  • Present at nearby universities
  • Create an upload an example driven, free, video course in testing
  • Attend a Toastmaster meeting


  • Personal retrospective
  • Practice explaining how we work with test

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