10 October 2012

Why I've signed up for RST instead of buying a kick ass sofa and new computer

I tried to get this course paid by my employer but due to budget cuts and the fact another testing course was ordered to the company it was rejected. Instead I paid for it myself. So what drives me to this:

Most expensive things bought so far
  1. My current apartment
  2. My current car
  3. Previous car
  4. Previous car
  5. RST
  6. Stroller/baby buggy
  7. TV
  8. Sofa
  9. My fiancee's computer
  10. Bed
So why RST?
  • Because the testers I admire and know in real life praise it
  • Because the testers I admire and study recommend it
  • Because James Bach has been the single most important person in my transformation from "well it's a job" to "I love this, give me more"
  • Because it's the most respected course in the branch of testing I believe in
  • Because I don't get a chance to be challenged very often at work and that's a fundamental part in how James teach
  • Because I've studied the work of both James Bach, Michael Bolton and Cem Kaner with great interest
  • Because I long term believe this will help me form a career I will really enjoy
  • Because I'm in the middle of making my current work fun (not only for me) and I believe this course can teach me valuable tools for that
  • Because I've never found a negative review
  • Because I believe in skill and experience rather than assumptions
  • Because it's a chance to meet other highly motivated testers
  • Because I believe this will make me a more professional tester
  • ... but most of all...
I've always been fascinated by people who turn what they do into an art, like a waiter who makes you wanna come back even if the food is crappy or the girl who cleans our stairwell who cares more about the building than all of us living here combined. The passion these people radiate and the level of satisfaction they seem to enjoy has always inspired me. That's what I'm aiming for, I don't intend to become better than everybody else, I just want to become the best I can be and inspire others to do the same... and that's something I believe RST can help me with.

... 25 days left.

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